Capital Increase

Capital Increase

The business climate changes rapidly. Opportunities emerge, regulations shift, and new risks appear. Raising capital to meet strategic goals is a wise move, but effective execution requires a strong banking partner with deep expertise.

Let UNB be that banking partner. As a top-5 bank in the country, we have experience working with companies with large and small shareholdings. Our track record includes the IPOs of some of the biggest companies in the UAE, and we’re pleased to continue to be the preferred partner for future capital raises. Financial institutions, and governments rely on our expertise and reputation as a leader in corporate finance. Our highly professional team can originate, structure, and manage bespoke solutions that reflect a deep understanding of the market environment.

Combining market insight with deep corporate finance knowledge, we develop and manage tailored capital raising solutions to suit your needs. Starting from your strategic goals, we use our expertise to get you the capital you require to grow or improve your company.  We work to find new ways to raise capital in line with clients’ objectives, and we place a special emphasis on quality customer care services for both you and your shareholders.

We also offer tailored solutions for your Initial Public Offering or Rights Issue.

Local knowledge. International perspective. Extensive experience. UNB is the right bank for your Capital Increase.

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