Initial Public Offering

Initial Public Offering

An initial public offering represents a crowning achievement in your company’s life. Your strong balance sheet, steady income, and solid growth prospects make you an attractive investment for the general public.

We understand that offering shares for the first time is about more than raising capital – it’s about starting a relationship with an advisor that will see you through many of your corporate financing milestones. You need to trust your bank to have good judgement, the right networks, deep knowledge of the field and extensive experience as Lead Manager/ Lead receiving Bank.

That’s why UNB is the natural choice to take your company public. As a top- 5 bank, our advisory and capital-raising services are recognised as among the best in the industry. We’re also a listed company, making us regulated by the UAE Central Bank. We’ve been providing registry services for decades, managing companies from as few as 80 to as many as 90,000 shareholders. And we can service your shareholders from our 73 retail branches conveniently located around the UAE.

Our strong capabilities managing the IPO process, running the book, and setting the price mean we make sure you get the most for your initial listing.

Even once the IPO is over, we continue to look after you. We can raise follow-on capital in moments when you need to grow or build capital in a Capital Increase, or Rights Issue, choosing the optimal structure and the right market conditions.

Our advice is exceptional. Our experience is unmatched. And our commitment to you is unquestionable. Contact us today to learn more about why we’re the right choice to take you public.

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