Our Fixed Deposit offer attractive options for placement in line with your liquidity requirements, so that you can maximise your returns from idle funds . With our focus on a relationship-based approach, we sit with you to understand your business and your needs and create the most attractive  and competitive Fixed Deposits  in line with your liquidity and return requirements.

Our trademark is personalised service, and that’s reflected in the structuring of  our Fixed Deposit offerings which covers amongst other aspects the following:

  • Available in UAE dirhams and major currencies, and over any agreed period. 
  • Treatment of the deposits and/or accrued interest upon maturity which can be configured based on your instructions and requirements at the time of placing such deposits, or at any time of their currency.
  • Rates on deposits can be negotiated with your  dedicated relationship manager based on tenor and amounts.
  • Offered at competitive market-related rates, which are fixed for the duration of the deposit. 
  • Cash out at maturity, or roll the deposit over for a similar amount of time. 
  • Use our Corporate Online platform to create Fixed Deposits in a hassle free way

Get the most from your surplus cash with a Fixed Deposit created with your liquidity requirements in mind. Contact a representative today to see how we help you reach your goals.

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