Medic Loan

Medic Loan

A healthy economy depends on a healthy workforce, and your private medical company is doing its part to keep the nation’s economy strong.  That’s why we offer financing against your medical insurance receivables to make managing your medical services company easier than ever. From medium-term loans for capital expenditures to revolving overdraft facilities for day-to-day operations, the UNB Medic Loan is flexible enough to meet your needs.

Have a big expense in mind? Term loans can help your purchase medical equipment and technology, and complete an upgrade of your facility. Need a bit of support with everyday expenses? Our revolving overdraft facilities help you pay salaries on time, purchase supplies, carry out necessary maintenance, and just handle day-to-day operations. Protect your cash flow from the impact of large purchases, and gain peace of mind running your company with a UNB Medic Loan.

Benefits and features

UNB Medic Loans offer competitive interest rates regardless of which flexible option you choose.

  • Medium-term loans to finance capital expenditures have a loan amount up to AED 3 million (with assignment of proceeds), or AED 750,000 (without assignment of proceeds)
  • Revolving overdraft facilities to finance working capital can cover up to AED 1 million (with assignment of proceeds)
  • Loan tenor is up to 48 months (with assignment of proceeds), or 36 months (without assignment of proceeds)

The Medic Loan is also offered even without assignment of receivables, in the form of term loan only.


  • We offer Medic Loans to all private sector hospitals, medical centres, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies that are registered with the relevant health authorities and that are listed with one or more insurance company
  • Your business must have been up and running for a minimum of two years

Grow your medical service company with the right financing at the right time. 

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