Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

The region has quickly risen in prominence to become a global hub of international trade and business. But capturing international opportunities often comes with exposure to foreign exchange volatility. Mitigating that risk is important, and at UNB we are committed to helping you in the best way possible.

Our Treasury team is remarkable for its deep knowledge, strong ratings, stable balance sheet, and great access to international markets. This allows us to offer bespoke Treasury solutions in G10, GCC and major emerging markets currencies. For spot rates, forwards, and flexi-forwards, we can create a solution that minimises your foreign exchange volatility exposure.


Competitive rates are offered for spot foreign exchange, with Straight-Through-Processing payment systems linked to Swift, enabling fast and efficient remittance of foreign currencies. Same-day and next-day transactions can also be facilitated on a need basis, where possible.


We can help mitigate future foreign exchange risks associated with trade and capital flows, or any future anticipated exposure, by locking in forward rates at very competitive rates.


In addition to locking in exchange rates for future exposure through forwards, we can also give the flexibility of delivery of foreign currencies in situations where such payment dates are not clear unknown.

Our foreign exchange advisors and experts can help you assess and manage your foreign exchange exposure with a solution built for you. We can also help you manage foreign exchange exposure with our Structured Dual-Currency Accounts or Structured Principal Protected Deposits.

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