Interest Rates

Interest Rate Hedging

Interest rate risk is built into to every business entity that takes up medium term and long term credits. But you can mitigate against this risk with strategic investments in interest rate derivatives, if you have the right advisors and providers.

UNB’s personalised approach and experienced team make us uniquely positioned to create solutions that match your appetite for risk and your goals for return. Our structured team offers solutions that minimise interest rate risks on balance sheets, while considering the macro environment and client exposure. Some of the solutions include (but not limited to):

  • Fixed-float vanilla interest rate swaps
  • Step-up interest rate swaps
  • Cross-currency swaps
  • Caps and floors
  • Swaptions

We also offer derivatives in Foreign Exchange, Commodities, and Structured Deposits.

Identify and hedge against interest rate volatility with our market-leading derivatives, delivered by our highly experienced team. Contact us today to see how we can get you started.

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