Structured Deposits

Structured Notes and Deposits

Conducting international business means exposing your financial statements to risk. But with derivatives, you can offset that risk, and with Structured Deposits, you can protect your capital even as you get great returns. 

UNB’s products can be structured to suit the specifics of your exposure, market views, and risk tolerance. Our professional team can tailor make the appropriate Structured Notes and Deposits that suit your investment risk-return profile. The products can be linked to a variety of underlying asset classes, including FX, Interest Rates, Equities and Commodities. 

Our strong International relationships and bespoke research desk allows us to keep ahead of the latest market developments for leading products that exceed our clients’ expectations.

We also offer derivatives in Foreign Exchange, Interest Rates, and Commodities.

With Structured Deposits, you get the best of both worlds: high interest potential, with minimal to no risk to your capital. Contact us today to see how we can meet your needs for risk and return.

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