Flexi Forwards

Flexi Forwards

Foreign Exchange

Global business creates both opportunities and challenges. One of the major risks comes from foreign currency volatility exposure, a common challenge for companies operating in diverse markets. Treasury services becomes critical, and getting it right means guaranteeing a strong balance sheet and income statement. When you need to mitigate risk of your global operations, you need a local partner with a firm grasp of the financial environment and deep expertise in creating the kind of solutions that bring results.

That’s why UNB has developed a full suite of foreign exchange solutions. On one end, we can lock in exchange rates to mitigate future exposure through our Forwards. But we can also provide delivery of foreign currencies even when the payment dates are not known via our Flexi-Forwards, so you can settle at any time up to the maturity date. This gives you maximum flexibility to mitigate your risk.

Our range of Treasury and FX solutions is vast. Also see our Treasury, Spot, and Forwards service solutions.

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