Asset Management

Islamic Treasury

The market is volatile by nature, but your business doesn’t have to be. Foreign exchange volatility, profit rate changes on your facilities and rapid commodities price changes are some of the areas where your business might have exposure to risk. And if you require Islamic banking, then you need a bank that understands both your risk exposure and how to design Islamic banking Treasury tools that will manage it.

We can also enhance returns on your funds through various Shariah compliant investment products.

At UNB, we provide various solutions that meet your financial need for mitigating risk, in accordance with Islamic Shariah principles. All Islamic Treasury solutions, whether products or processes, are approved by our Shariah Board before being launched to our clients to ensure compliance with Islamic principles.

Some of the Islamic Treasury solutions offered include:

  • Islamic Spot and Forward transactions
  • Murabaha Investments
  • FX Hedging Murabaha
  • Profit Rate Swaps
  • Commodity Hedging Murahaba
  • Al Samaha Islamic Fund

Solutions can also be tailor-made for specific client requirements. For more information on these products, please contact our Treasury Sales Team.

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