Investor Relations

Investor Relations

ADCB Group has announced Q2/H1 2019 financial results.
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Following the combination of ADCB, UNB and Al Hilal Bank on 1 May 2019.
Please visit the ADCB Investor relations website for any IR related disclosures.

Our Investor Relations team delivers timely and accurate reports and information for current and prospective UNB shareholders and investors. Review financial performance and shareholder information in line with our commitment to transparency.

At UNB we are committed to accuracy and transparency towards our current and prospective shareholders and investors. The Investor Relations team prepares information for communication with shareholders, investors, analysts and rating agencies. Here you can find information related to our previous and current financial and business performance, ratings, shareholder meetings, corporate governance, strategy, and other relevant information.


Our ratings from leading international credit ratings are below

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