Ijara Finance

Ijarah Finance

At UNB-ISBG, we offer Shariah compliant Ijarah Financing, a leasing agreement whereby we buy an item for a corporate customer and then lease it back to the customer over an agreed period of time. We can also arrange for you to buy the item from us at the end of the contract. Usually, it’s a lease finance contract for the procurement of property. Use UNB-ISBG Finance if your company needs to lease or buy:

  • A home or property (freehold and leasehold)
  • Large real estate
  • Moveable assets (such as cars, fleets, aircraft, vessels or equipment).

You’d use Ijarah financing to finance any expansion projects too.

Your dedicated UNB-ISBG Relationship Manager will be pleased to give you more information on how we can make Ijarah financing work for your company.