Your company needs to resolve a problem, take advantage of an opportunity, satisfy a need or meet a legal requirement. You need Shariah-compliant project funding in order to do so.

Let UNB-ISBG be your trusted project investment partner.

With a UNB-ISBG Mudaraba contract, we give you all the capital you need to fund your project, while you manage your business. We share the profits in an agreed ratio, and loss, if any, is borne by us.

A UNB-ISBG Mudaraba is an investment based contract which your company would generally use to finance projects such as:

  • Hiring contractors
  • Generating working capital
  • Execute a large transaction
  • General and Islamic Overdraft

    Your dedicated UNB-ISBG Relationship Manager will be pleased to give you more information on how we can make Mudaraba financing work for your company.