Every company will, at times, need short-term finance to meet an immediate need. Does your business need capital for a new company car, or for importing some new materials for your operations?

With a UNB-ISBG contract of sale, we’ll buy the item(s) your company needs for an agreed, predetermined profit over the cost. We’ll then sell the item(s) back to you, which you’ll repay in instalments. In accordance with Islamic principles.

Murabaha is a sale-based contract that allows you to procure goods or fund activities such as: 

  • Cars or other vehicles
  • White/white durable goods
  • Making trades
  • Import costs
  • Buying shares
  • Buying land
  • Buying Murabaha-based commodities, liquidity products and Sukuk (non-tradable Islamic bonds) 

Your dedicated UNB-ISBG Relationship Manager will be pleased to give you more information on how we can make Murabaha financing work for your company.