Shariah Board

Shariah Board

At UNB-SIBG, you can trust in the integrity of our Islamic financial products and services. Our independent Shariah Board gives all of our banking activities the seal of credibility.

The supervision of a Shariah Board is the pillar for any Islamic bank. It safeguards the bank’s adherence to Shariah (Islamic law). Highly regarded, learned scholars, who are authorities on Islamic banking, evaluate and scrutinise all the products and services a bank like ours offers its clients.

The UAE’s Islamic banking industry operates under the direction of some of the world’s most prominent scholars, giving it a reputation for soundness and dependability.

At UNB-ISBG, we have an agreement with the external audit firm, Dar Al Sharia LLC, to ensure that all of our Islamic banking activities are consistent with the principles of the Shariah.

Members of our Shariah Board

ChairmanDr Hussain Hamed Hassan
MemberMr Mian MuhammadNazir
MemberDr Abdul Hakim Zuair
Shariah Advisory & Audit ServicesDar Al Sharia LLC