Case Studies

Case Studies

At UNB-ISBG, our client base is made up of government and public sector entities, financial institutions and private sector companies in industries as diverse as trading, contracting, real estate, energy, transport and manufacturing, among others.

We’ve developed exacting screening criteria to make sure that the risk origination in these segments is in line with our Shariah Board’s guidelines.

Consistent with our overall UNB strategy, at UNB-ISBG we set ourselves apart from other Islamic banks by building transparent relationships with our customers and bringing them genuine value. We’ve grown our UAE footprint by drawing together a team of skilled professionals to help us achieve our goals.

The strength of our client relationships is testament to our commitment them. These success stories speak for themselves.

Emirates REIT

Emirates REIT (CEIC) Limited (Emirates REIT or REIT) is the UAE’s first and only listed real estate investment trust. REIT is a closed-ended investment company with a mandate to invest in a diversified portfolio of Shariah compliant real estate properties. REIT was established in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in November 2010.

Emirates REIT has been a satisfied client of ours since 2015.

Dubai Cable Company Pvt. Ltd

Dubai Cable Company Pvt. Ltd. (‘DuCaB’) is a technologically advanced cable manufacturing company that was established in 1979 in Dubai. DuCab supplies a range of high quality power cables and accessories to local government entities and globally renowned engineering firms in 40 countries. The company is equally owned by the Governments of Abu Dhabi (General Holdings/GHC) and Dubai (through Inv. Corp. of Dubai-ICD).

DuCab and some of its entities, including DuCab HV and DuCab Aluminium, has been a satisfied client of ours since 2013.

Emirates Transport

Emirates Transport (ET) regulates, manages and supervises the operation of transport and maintenance services for various government, federal and local entities and private sector organisations. In the transport and auto services sector, ET has strategically built up almost 30 business centres and units

and seven subsidiaries and associate companies in 40 locations across the UAE. With its fleet of over 17,000 vehicles, ET provides services to over 430 stakeholders.

We’ve been serving Emirates Transport’s needs since 2009, in a long-standing relationship built on mutual trust.

Emirates National Oil Co. Ltd. (ENOC)

ENOC is wholly owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), an entity wholly owned by the Government of Dubai. The Company was incorporated with limited liability in Dubai, UAE, in April 1993. ENOC has made significant progress in meeting its overall objectives and in increasing its broad range of business ventures. ENOC directly and indirectly owns more than twenty subsidiaries.

ENOC has been a satisfied client of ours since 2013.

SinoGulf Real Estate Investment LLC

SinoGulf is a leading, internationally recognised Shariah compliant asset management company. It is a limited liability company, duly licensed and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority. SinoGulf was established in 2003 and provides asset management services to professional clients.

SinoGulf Real Estate Investment LLC has been a long-standing and satisfied client of ours since 2008.