Accelerating Rate Deposit - 18 months


  • Step-up rates of up to 6% per year on your deposit
  • Liquidity as you need it
  • Interest credited every month to an account of your choice


Sure, it’s great to know that your money is earning interest. But what if you could actually use that interest? What if, instead of sitting idle inside a bank account, it was accessible when you needed it, helping you make your day to day life that much easier?

At UNB, we don’t believe in ‘what if’s. Instead, we’re interested in how our products can help you design the life you want. So, to make your interest work harder for you, we’ve created the UNB Accelerating Rate Deposit. A deposit that rewards you for staying longer and earns you higher interest month after month.

Get stepped-up high returns of up to 6% per annum on your savings

  • Enjoy easy liquidity as per your needs
  • Interest credited to account every month. It’s our way of making sure your money works for you, instead of the other way around.

Available only in AED.

Fees and Tariffs

Deposit opening fee  
Free booking of deposit  
Premature closure charges  
Vary depending on when you close the deposit  


Applicants must be:

  • New to UNB or an existing UNB customer
  • Able to make a minimum investment of AED 50,000.

Terms & Conditions

  • Principal and interest is guaranteed to the customers 
  • A minimum deposit of AED 50,000 is required to enter the scheme 
  • The maximum deposit amount for the scheme is AED 50 million Partial withdrawal is not allowed for this scheme
  • Full withdrawal is permitted 
  • Maturity date of the scheme is 18 months from the date of account opening 
  • Auto renewal of deposit (if opted) will be done at the prevailing interest rate and tenor
  • Interest will be paid into the current / savings account linked to Accelerating Rate Deposit on a monthly basis 
  • Pre-mature penalty: 
    • On the month of opening deposit: If deposit is pre-maturely closed on the month of entry into the scheme, then principal amount will be paid without interest 
    • Other months (after the month of entry): Interest credited to the customer account on the last application date to be recovered as penal charges from the principal amount. Interest accrued after the last application date will not be credited 
  • Interest Rates 
Months Interest Rate (per annum) 
11.85 %
2        1.95%

Interest rates indicated above are percentage per annum. The first month is the month in which the deposit is booked

Rates effective from 15th August,2019.

Terms & conditions apply:

The bank reserves the right to change the interest rates, fees & tariffs, charges and terms & conditions at its own discretion, without any prior notice.

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