What are your priorities right now? Are you trying to cram your passport full of stamps from around the world? Imagine accumulating enough UNBmiles to pay for your air tickets and hotel accommodation for your honeymoon or annual holiday.

You might instead be concerned with reducing your everyday expenses so you can work within your family budget.

Whatever your money means to you, we have options to help you manage it so that you’re able to live your best life. Our Credit and Debit cards are linked to attractive reward programmes; plus, we’ve partnered with major supermarkets and airlines to help you get the most out of your spend. We offer both Visa and MasterCard.

Credit Cards

Our Credit Cards bring you convenience and reward you for your spending. Browse our large range of cards and find one that’s perfect for you.

Debit Cards

We’ve designed our Debit and Prepaid Cards for convenient gifting and to keep your cash transactions secure.

Rewards & Privileges

Read more about the benefits, offers and promotions you get from having a UNB card.

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