Hadiya Gift Card

UNB Hadiya Gift Card

UNB Hadiya Gift Card


  • Give your loved ones flexibility of choosing their own gifts by using UNB Hadiya Gift Card around the world
  • Select from a range of attractive designs suitable for various occasions
  • Pre-load UNB Hadiya Gift Card to the gift value of your choice
  • Enjoy secured transactions with Chip and Pin enabled card
  • Get your UNB Hadiya Gift Card from any of our branches across the U.A.E.
  • Available for all UAE Nationals or UAE residents with a valid ID


UNB Hadiya Gift card can be pre-filled with any desired amount and sent to anyone, anywhere in the world. It empowers you to share the joy of celebrations with your loved ones by enabling them to choose the perfect gift for themselves.

Fees and Tariffs

Issuance fee  
AED 15.75  
Personalisation fee  
AED 10.50  
Replacement fee  
Packaging fee  
Standard packing - free of charge  
Premium packing - AED 15.75  
Statement fee  
AED 10.50  
Redemption fee  
5.25% or AED 26.25 whichever is higher  
Processing fee for foreign currency transaction added to the foreign exchange rate for POS & ATM:  

Fees inclusive of applicable VAT charges

^ Excluding payment association fees

Note: You can ask for information on any other fees and charges that apply to you at any UNB branch.

All charges are subject to change


You and the recipient don’t need to be UNB accountholders.

Applicants must be:

  • A UAE National or UAE resident with a valid ID.

Terms & conditions


  • The Bank: Union National Bank or UNB
  • Account: Card account maintained by the Bank
  • Activation: activation of the card to enable the cardholder to use the card
  • Branch: means any branch of the bank
  • Card: means the pre-paid gift card
  • Applicant: Is the customer applying for a gift card that will be awarded to the cardholder.
  • Cardholder: means the person who will own the card & use it
  • Customer service: means the Bank customer service officers in any of its branches or call centre
  • Security details: Information provided by the applicant to the Bank at the time of card issuance
  • PIN Mailer: Personal Identification Number printed in a secured stationary.

1- Issuance of card

1.1 The card is the property of the Bank & the bank may request the customer / cardholder to return it back

1.2 The card is a pre-paid card & not a credit card & usage is subject to the amount pre-loaded.

2- Activation

The card will be activated & ready for use at the time of its issuance after loading.

3- Use of the card

3.1 Card validity will be 6 months from the date of loading the card / activation.

3.2 Card usage will be limited to retail purchases & internet transactions only.

3.3 Pre-paid gift card balance will be debited with the value of each purchase.

3.4 Each transaction will reduce the credit balance in the card.

3.5 No transactions can be stopped once authorized through any POS terminal.

3.6 A prepaid gift card is not reloadable & can be used till the initial loaded amount is fully exhausted / utilized.

3.7 The card cannot be used after its expiry.

3.8 Any credit balance remaining on a pre-paid gift card will not be refundable after 6 months of validity date.

3.9 Breakage & redemption of card balances will be subject to charges.

3.10 The card must not be used for any illegal purposes.

3.11 The pre-paid gift card will be subject to a maximum & minimum load amount as mentioned in the application form.

3.12 Account balance inquiry can be done through any UNB ATM or the Call Center 600 566 665.

3.13 Account statement can be issued based on the cardholder request & subject to charges.

3.14 The card account can only be used if it is in credit & if it becomes overdrawn in error following any transaction authorization, the card holder / customer will be liable to repay the resulting debit balance.

3.15 If any discrepancy in the card account occurred the cardholder should notify the Bank immediately in writing.

3.16 There is no interest payable by the Bank for the card credit balance.

4- Fees & Charges

4.1 A pre-paid gift card is subject to card issuance fees & will be paid in cash by the customer & replacement fees will be paid in cash by the cardholder or deducted from the loaded amount. 5.2 All fees & charges relevant to pre-paid gift cards are subject to change & available upon request.

5- Foreign currency transactions

If any transaction is done in any currency other than UAE Dirhams, the amount will be converted into AED at the exchange rate determined at the date of transaction settlement.

6- Card Security

The cardholder should make sure that the card is always secured by: a. never allow anyone other than the cardholder to use the card b. never communicate the card number & expiry date to anyone c. never leave the card unattended d. Ensure to get the card back after every purchase e. Always check sales vouchers including purchase amount before signing sales slip The Card related PIN is issued to the cardholder at his / her own risk and the bank shall bear no liability whatsoever for any loss/damage arising from the use of the Card and/or related PIN

7- Lost & stolen cards

7.1 If card is lost or stolen the cardholder must immediately notify the Bank by calling 600 566 665, if card is lost or stolen outside the UAE cardholder must call the Bank helpline at (009712) 6930120.

7.2 If the lost / stolen card is found it must not be used. 

7.3 Lost or stolen cards can be replaced based applicant request; card replacement will be subject to charges in cash on the deducted from the loaded amount. 

7.4 The Cardholder must keep the PIN secret and exercise all possible care to ensure the safety of the Card and PIN to prevent misuse. If the Card is lost or stolen, the cardholder must immediately notify his/her account holding branch or contact 600-566-665 and confirm in writing any such loss or theft. The Cardholder shall be solely and fully responsible for any misuse of the card resulting from loss/theft of Card and PIN or disclosure of PIN to any other person.

8- Terms & Termination

8.1 Pre-paid gift cards usage will be subject to card validity / expiry date.

8.2 The cardholder may request to terminate the relationship in writing before card expiry if it is a personalized card & redeem the card credit balance from any of UNB branches otherwise applicant request will be required & redemption of any credit balances will be reimbursed to the applicant credit balance encashment will be subject to charges.

8.3 Original card should be handed back to the Bank by the cardholder in case of termination.

8.4 The bank may request the return of the card, cancel, suspend and / or end this agreement if: (a) Any of the terms & conditions governing the prepaid gift card product is violated by the cardholder or (b) The card is misused or (c) False information was given by the customer at the time of card issuance.

8.5 The Bank reserves the right to terminate this agreement without giving prior notice & will refund any credit balance on the card account at the time of termination.

8.6 The Bank reserves the right to change / adjust / cancel any of the terms & conditions governing the relationship of the pre-paid gift card product without prior notice to the customer, the new terms and conditions will be available upon request.

9- Bank Liability

The Bank will not in any way be liable to the card holder for any loss due to any of the following (a) The information provided by the customer proved to be incorrect / inaccurate (b) Any system failure or any failure due to events out of the bank control (c) Refusal to honour or accept the card at any time by any merchant (d) Any direct or indirect losses resulting from the card usage (e) The goods or services purchased by the cardholder by use of the card (f) Loss of the card (g) Loss of PIN Mailer.

10- Assignment

The Bank may assign all or any of its rights & obligations under this agreement to any other person.

The cardholder agrees that the Bank may at any time disclose and furnish any information as it deems fit concerning the cardholder including but not limited to the account of the cardholder under this agreement to the bank’s associates, branches, agents, third party providers of add on services, assignees or other parties in connection with the administration of the card related services or to enforce the cardholders’ obligations under this agreement.

11- Governing law

These terms & conditions shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the commercial laws of the United Arab Emirates. The Bank & or / the customer & or the cardholder hereby submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Arab Emirates to resolve any dispute arisen.

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