Health Insurance

Statistically, most of us will need medical care at some stage of our lives. Of course we can’t control what illness may come our way, but we can plan ahead for that possibility.

With our Health Insurance policies, you can be sure you’ll be able to afford the quality medical care you deserve, as well as cover other costs that can help make life more manageable for you and your family at a challenging time.

With a sound health insurance policy in place, if you were to be affected by a serious illness or injury, money would be the last thing on your mind. So you can focus your energy on your recovery instead.

Terms & Conditions apply

Disclaimer: All insurance products are offered by Orient Insurance PJSC for UNB Customers and is subject to approval. Union National Bank has only facilitated the product for customer convenience and has no liability towards the Life Assured whatsoever in case of any dispute arising out of this product. In case of any claim, the customer should contact Orient Insurance PJSC directly.