Life Insurance

School fees, groceries, bills and car payments. If you were no longer around, would your loved ones be able to afford to live the life you always planned for them? This is what our life cover is for.

Make sure your dependents will have the income they need to cover any immediate or long term costs they need to see to. Payouts can be put towards mortgage payments or rent, attending college or university or ensuring a secure retirement. With a Life Insurance plan, you can be rest assured they’ll be able to manage financially without you.

Terms & Conditions apply

Disclaimer: All insurance products are offered by respective Insurance Companies operating in UAE in tie-up with UNB for UNB Customers and is subject to approval. Union National Bank has only facilitated the product for customer convenience and has no liability towards the Life Assured whatsoever in case of any dispute arising out of this product. In case of any claim, the customer should contact Insurance Company directly.