Good investments require patience. Selecting the right vehicle can be a delicate matter, requiring in depth knowledge not only of the economy but also of socio-economic and political trends and how they impact markets.

Our qualified team have developed expertise in this area, removing the guesswork from investment to provide you with a clear strategy to make your money grow. We offer a full range of investment products and services, including UNB-managed funds, a selection of global funds, tailor-made structured products and securities trading.

All you have to do is reap the rewards.

UNB Funds

Benefit from the strong local and regional equity markets expertise of our award-winning UNB Asset Management team and discover our top performing Al Samaha Islamic Fund and Al Itihad Fund.

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Global Funds

Invest in international equities and fixed income through a selection of five premium Mutual Funds, managed externally by renowned Asset Management firms.

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