Expatriates Loan


  • Interest rates starting from 5.68% per annum
  • Pay low monthly instalments
  • Borrow up to 20 times your monthly salary
  • Repay over a period of up to 48 months
  • Get competitive interest rates
  • Up to 2 instalment postponements per year
  • Get a free UNB credit card

What do you need to improve your life, right now? Is it another degree to help you secure a leading position in your industry; a decorating budget for your home; your child’s education; or a break away from the pace of life? 

With UNB’s Expat Loan you’ll get the financial assistance you need to take that next step – and we’ll make sure that it happens quickly and efficiently. And we’ll remain by your side as your roots within the UAE grow, making sure that additional loans are available as your financial demands increase.

Fees and Tariffs

Processing fee  
1.05% of the principal loan amount (min AED 525 – max 2,625)  
Insurance fee  
0.80% of the total loan amount upfront (min AED 100)  
Early settlement charges  
1.05% of the outstanding balance (subject to maximum of AED 10,500)  
Partial payment charges  
1.05% of partial payment amount (subject to maximum of AED 10,500)  
Late payment charges  
AED 210  
Loan rescheduling fee  
AED 262.50  
Postponement fee  
AED 105 per postponement  
Credit card fees  
As per credit card policy  
ROD fees  
AED 210  
Other Fee (Loan copy, etc.)  
AED 26.25  
Issuance of Liability Letter  
AED 63  
Loan Cancellation Fee  
AED 105  
Fees & Charges are in line with UAE Central Bank policies and inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax)  


Applicants must be:

  • UAE resident expatriates
  • Earning at least AED 5,000 per month
  • At least 20 years, 5 months & 7 days old (at application)
  • At most 59 years 11 months old (at loan maturity)

Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions apply

  • The bank reserves the right to change the interest rates, fees & tariffs, charges and terms & conditions at its own discretion, without any prior notice
  • Approval of loans is at the discretion of the bank
  • For more details please visit nearest UNB branch

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