At your level of financial success, a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t apply. Which is why UNB brings you a one-of-a-kind private banking experience!

Being and remaining among the world’s top 1% has its demands. As your net worth increases, the more work it takes to maintain and preserve your assets. You expect your bank to understand this, which is why your banker needs to deliver a level of service that far surpasses the norm.

A Relationship Manager who is always on call, someone you can trust and whose discretion you can depend upon. A real understanding of the very unique challenges a client like you face every day, in the local, regional and international geographies that are your playing field. Extraordinary solutions, for an extraordinary individual like you.

Like you, at UNB we have our eyes on the world, so that we can share our unprecedented outlook with you: accurate, timely research. A bird’s eye view of what’s happening across global markets – all at your fingertips.

With a deep understanding and respect for your wealth needs and investment objectives, we can help you make the best decisions to preserve and grow your wealth for generations to come.

Your dedicated Relationship Manager and our team of investment professionals will consult with you. With careful consideration of our tailor-made financial products and services, we’ll help you to find the perfect fit.

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As a UNB Private Banking client, you’ve earned the exclusive privileges and services we offer with our Private Banking accounts and fixed deposits.

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At UNB Private Banking, we’re qualified to help you choose from our full range of bespoke financial products and services to preserve and grow your wealth


Watch your wealth grow. As part of our select clientele, you get access to a wide range of investment options across asset classes and geographies