What is phishing ?
Phishing is an attempt by fraudsters to 'fish' for your banking account details like passwords, PINs, account numbers, Credit card and Debit card numbers, etc. Phishing attacks are generally attempted through:

  • Unsolicited emails (SPAM) , calls from strangers (Social Engineering attacks) or fake websites asking for confidential banking details of the Customer.
  • Messages asking for urgent action due to security reasons.
  • Web Site (URL) Links received from Unknown sender through unsolicited emails asking the Customer to click the link and provide customer account details including login credentials.
    • How to avoid phishing attacks:
      • Always log on to UNB Web site by typing the Bank's website address. www.unb.ae into the address bar of your Browser.
      • UNB will never send e-mails that ask for customer confidential information.
      • Do not respond to any e-mail or click on links requesting your PIN, password, account/card numbers, etc.
      • Look for the padlock symbol ( ) and the https sign on the browser to ensure that the site is running in secure mode before you enter sensitive information. Double clicking on the lock will verify that trusted digital certificate is issued to https://www.unb.com.
      • The name of the certificate owner (Union National Bank) will be displayed either on the URL address bar or near the top of your internet browser in Green Color. This indicates the successful verification of the websites identity. The changes will look slightly different depending on the browser you use.
      • Never open e-mail attachments from sources that you cannot trust.
      • Avoid using systems in Cyber Cafes and public areas to transact online.
      • Log out from the sites immediately after use and practice locking the system while away.
      • Change your password regularly and keep it confidential without sharing with any one.
      • Always use licensed versions of Operating System and apply latest security patches.
      • Install licensed & latest Anti-virus software and ensure that anti-virus signatures are updated regularly and systems are scanned for viruses and other malicious softwares.
      How to report phishing attempts/suspicious activities ?
      • Call us at 600-566-665 from within the UAE or +9712-6930120 from outside the UAE.
      • Email us at customercare@unb.ae or visit the nearest UNB branch.